Pvt. Harvey Edgar Hempleman

October 6, 1894 - November 7, 1918

Pvt. Harvey Edgar Hempleman

Private: Son of John W and Effie M HEMPLEMAN; born October 6, 1894, Washington Township, Miami County, Ind.; Laborer; Enlisted in US SIgnal Corps, Peru, Ind. July 30, 1918. Sent to Ft Leavenworth, Kan. Transferred to Camp Cody, NM; assigned to 622d Field Signal Battalion. Died of influenza November 7, 1918, Camp Cody. Buried in Springdale Cemetery, Miami County, Indiana
Family Tree: https://www.ancestry.com/…/…/8970063/person/-868568118/facts

Harvey Edgar Hempleman Military Registration
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