Women's Committee - National Council of Defense Registration Cards

The collection of Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense, Miami County, Indiana consists 3767 cards containing data about women who registered for home front service during World War I. These are the only cards of this type known to still exist in Miami County, Indiana. Originally 8503 women in Miami County registered. Many of these cards have gone missing across the country.

The Indiana State Council of Defense was organized in May, 1917. Committees created included Socks for Soldiers, Organization Committee, Registration, Food Production, Home Economics, Child Welfare, Health and Recreation Committee, Liberty Loan Committee, Home and Foreign Relief, Committee on Maintenance of Existing Social Service Agencies, Educational Propaganda, Publicity Commitee, "Fourteen-Minute Women" Speakers' Bureau of Indiana, Americanization, Entertainment Committee, and The Motor Corps of Indiana. For additional, more detailed information, visit "Report of the Woman's Section of the Indiana State Council of Defense." or
"United States Council of National Defense Woman's Committee"

The collection provides insight into the lives of Miami County women during the early 20th century. Not only do the cards provide biographical information such as name, age, address, but they also record education levels, skills, and employment status. These cards provide valuable information for researchers of women's history and genealogy.

These cards were scanned and indexed by members of Miami County Indiana Worth Remembering with permission of The Miami County Museum where the collection resides.

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